HomeWorks Exclusive

Homeworks is a Hitit Seramik A.Ş. brand, founded in the early 2000s. The story of the brand started from the notion that delivering exclusive products to be offered to living spaces is a mission for an industrial enterprise. This idea led to a formation that initiated the firsts in Turkey was achieved.

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Art Spreads to the Streets in New York’s “Museum Mile”

The countdown to New York’s 5th Avenue Museum Mile Festival has begun. This festival, which will extend from the museums onto the streets on the evening of June 18, invites all art lovers to celebrate its 46th anniversary.

Journey to Knowledge with Online Education Platforms...

For people who wish to gain new skills or keep their knowledge up-to-date, we navigated through the online education platforms that fit the bill and explored the benefits they provide.

Upcycling Movement: “Upcycle Istanbul Art and Design Festival”

The third “Upcycle Istanbul Art and Design Festival”, organized by the sustainable social impact platform Upcycle Istanbul, will take place at Müze Gazhane from June 5 to 9, 2024.

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