Human Resources Policies

Our Vision & Mission

As Human Resources, we aim to be a dynamic structure that prepares its company and its employees for the future, makes tangible contributions to achieving better business results, and implements exemplary practices in human management.


Primarily, we are aiming to attract high-quality employees to the company and striving to create a corporate culture that provides our employees with the opportunity to continuously develop themselves. We believe that it is our primary duty to provide our colleagues with a happy and productive working atmosphere that is meaningful, feeds their sense of doing business, and encourages their sense of belonging.

In Human Resources;

  • We keep our industrial knowledge up-to-date by constantly developing ourselves.
  • We are always accessible by establishing clear, explicit and transparent communication.
  • We have a good understanding of our employees’ job descriptions; we listen to them with interest and ensure their satisfaction in the workplace by providing timely solutions to their problems.

Our Values

Customer Orientation

By embracing the principle that success depends on customer satisfaction, we identify their needs through careful analyses and reach the best solutions.


By considering the sustainable development and change, we support the orientation of both our company and our employees to this process of change. We pay attention to creating a positive working atmosphere for our employees.


We safeguard our values of honesty, open communication, modesty, and fairness.

For Our Vacant Positions;


Furthermore, you can send your CV to mail address for your applications that you are willing to submit to our company.