HomeWorks Exclusive

Homeworks is a Hitit Seramik A.Ş. brand, founded in the early 2000s. The story of the brand started from the notion that delivering exclusive products to be offered to living spaces is a mission for an industrial enterprise. This idea led to a formation that initiated the firsts in Turkey was achieved.


The brand was first realized with its technical ceramic and glass mosaic content produced in overseas factories of the company and achieved domestic market leadership in this course. Distribution companies founded in Germany and France with the same brand name were included in the organisation along with the enhancement of efficiency both in domestic and foreign markets. The activities continue at the centres providing sales, marketing, and logistics services as both a company and a product brand in both countries even tod.


The Homeworks brand has continued to grow with technical ceramic products manufactured in Hitit Seramik Uşak Factories as of 2007. "Homeworks Exclusive" which includes wall and floor tiles, was presented to the market through a launch on a different line with its content extended in 2012.


Homeworks GmbH in Germany appears in the sales points with Homeworks and Hitit Seramik brands and continues to offer service with its product options specific to its country thanks to its highly efficient operational system within its markets.

HOME WORKS Handels GmbH / Zentrale

Adres: Maerkische str.12 D – 47809 Krefeld / Germany

Telefon : +49 02151 645 24 15

Faks : +49 02151 645 24 20