Being inspired from hydrophobic, water repellent feature of Lotus leave, Hi-Hygiene technology, which has been developed at Hitit Seramik laboratories as a result of long R-D studies, does not allow bacteria and fungus formation with a molecular impact thanks to its special formula which is applied on the porcelain and ceramic surfaces.


It has been proved to be 99.9% efficient by internationally accredited laboratory tests.


Hi-Hygiene technology provides anti-pollution surfaces. It enables the applied surfaces to be easily cleaned by using less water and chemicals. It does not contain nano-silver and its water based content does not harm human, animal and environment health. It contributes to maintain the ecological balance of the world.


Hi-Hygiene Technology can be applied to all Hitit Seramik products.


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Thanks to its special formula with a molecular impact, Hi-Hygiene technology does not allow bacteria formation on the porcelain and ceramic surfaces where it is applied. With its antibacterial property, it provides safe surfaces.


Moreover, with its formula which prevents fungus and mold growth, it enables the emergence of hygienic wall and floors. It shows its effect by disrupting the formation of biofilm on the surfaces in hot and damp environments especially.

Nano-silver free

Since nano-silver elements with a particle structure of 100 μm and below, which may be absorbed by the body, are harmful to health, the formula does not contain this structure.

Long term hygiene

With its formula, which consists of silicate based inorganic materials, Hi-Hygiene Technology acts like a natural part of the surfaces on which it is applied and provides hygiene for the lifetime of the surfaces with a special molecular impact.


Easy-to-clean feature of the surfaces on which it is applied, has been created by being inspired from hydrophobic structure of Lotus plant. Its water repellent and also dirt resistant features prevent stain formation on the surfaces.

Support to the ecological order

Hi-Hygiene is a water based technology. For this reason; it does not harm human, animal and environment health. For a more sustainable future, it minimizes water and chemical use during cleaning and contributes to the eco-system of the world positively.

Approved by the tests

Hi-Hygiene Technology, which has been developed at the Hitit Seramik R-D laboratories, has ISO 22196 standard due to its antibacterial and antifungal features. It has been tested and approved by internationally accredited Tür-Cert/Eurolab.


Hi-Hygiene Technology is a technology which can be applied in all Hitit Seramik products. Due to its 99.9% impact on the bacteria, mold and fungus formation, it provides hygiene protection in the living spaces.