Fast Company

Ülker Yazıcı, Vice Chairman of the Board for Hitit Seramik, was the guest of the Customer Centric supplement of this month's Fast Company Magazine.

Fast Company

Ülker Yazıcı explained that Hitit Seramik has been dealing with production for more than 30 years and that 60% of their production is exported to other countries.
She pointed out that as a result of the continuity of their production quality, they are one of the top 3 companies that export to European Union countries from Turkey.

Emphasizing that sales-centric policies were followed in the previous periods, but that this perception has now turned into a customer-focused perspective, Yazıcı expressed the importance of being a customer-centric company as follows:

"It is necessary to pay attention to this matter in order to grow in a healthy manner and to progress more easily in competitive conditions through ensuring customer loyalty. Therefore, we are precisely focusing on creating and maintaining a customer-centric understanding and culture in every unit from the production phase to sales and customer relations. I believe that a structure built on creating customer loyalty enables the entities to develop themselves, to see their deficiencies better, and to improve themselves. That is why we are attaching importance to understanding the demands and expectations of our customers and to take action accordingly."

Underlining that Hitit Seramik family has grown by 25% in 2021 despite the pandemic, Ülker Yazıcı also mentioned the new period strategies of the company.